Revolutionary Guest Delight Solution for Modern Hotels

E-hotel solution empowers a hotel to provide on-the-spot assistance to guests all the time without contacting the reception desk for help. Check out e-hotel process and find out how it improves guest delight.


Guest Checks-in at the Hotel

Just like any normal hotel, every guest checks-in at the reception desk by completing the required procedure.



Reception Desk Activates In-room Tablet

On successful check-in, the reception desk activates a guest’s in-room tablet to interact with hotel staff. Further, the hotel staff asks for the guest’s Beep unique ID to input in the hotel system that enables the guest to use all the features of in-room tablet on his/her smartphone.



Guest Uses the In-room Tablet to Place a Request

Instead of calling the reception or hotel restaurant, guest places his/her service request directly using the in-room tablet. Guest can track the status of his/her request, give feedback or even register a complaint in just a few clicks.



Hotel Staff gets Immediately Notified & Starts Processing the Request

Every request generated by the guest inside the hotel is forwarded to the hotel management instantly. They can start processing it right away by passing the request to the concerned department without having to call staff members about the request. The department updates order status and ensure speedy processing, delighting the guest with prompt service.


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About Us

Beep e-hotel is a cloud-based digital solution for modern hotels and resorts to digitize their operations and promise superior hospitality to the guests with a personal touch. Beep E-hotel solution comes as a tab-based digital assistant that is available in every room. A guest can avail hotel’s services, order room service or connect to the hotel staff in a few clicks without needing to remember multiple extension numbers.

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